Sunny Time Stables
Horse Haven Rescue INC.
A not for profit 501c3
3952 SW 42nd Ave,  Palm City, FL
772-621-0067    horsehrescue
Don't follow your GPS - check out our map- it's accurate!
Our Horse -
Out of the 15 horses in
our barn 12 have been
rescued in the past have
had grand champions,
or reserve champions
when showing in the
area and in Wellington.
God don't make junk!!!
We are a not for profit
rescue- 501c3
Horse Haven Rescue
Check our rescued page
to see how they are
doing. We saved over 20
documented horses from
starvation and abuse,
Volunteers are
appreciated here
Our students
become great
riders. That skill
gives them
confidence and
control in all other
areas of their life.
Great coping skills
are developed and
we become much
happier people
when we are in a
Cinnamon likes her job so much -
she free jumps a oxer- with out any chutes!!!
2016 Year End Awards from Jupiter Horsemens
Assoc. to Sunny Time Stables Students! WOW!!!!
Still in Love at 33and 32 yrs old!